Terms And Conditions

1-Only bookings through Dharam Kaushalya will be accepted.

2-No booking without advance payment

3-20% advance of booking amount will be taken

4-In case the agency does not provide the booking or service, the entire amount paid in advance will be refunded to the Customer, which may take up to 24 hours

5-Customers fare may be increased if they change their route or day outside the booking agreement.

6-The discount coupon depends on your booking amount, with a minimum discount of Rs 100 and a maximum of Rs 2000.

Which will be informed to you in advance but it will be credited to your portal account 24 hours after completion of your booking, then you can avail this discount in your next booking.

7-Your safety is our responsibility. Please follow the rules.The vehicle will carry only the number of persons as per its seating capacity, otherwise the customer will be responsible for the challan and any legal proceedings.

8-Always make payment into company account or company UPI, you will be responsible for payment made to anyone else.

9- We have many vehicles attached from outside, if any kind of problem occurs with them, we can just provide you their information..

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